I love my new smile! I am very happy with my results and I am always feeling right at home thanks to the amazing staff! I have told multiple people to check out Dr. Sheffield’s office and that I am very happy!! It is the best!

-  Barbara L.

Because of Tori’s reluctance to smile, we decided it was time to pursue some orthodontic treatment. Her teeth were pretty bad, and definitely affected her self confidence. We were referred by some neighbors, and couldn’t have been more pleased with each visit. The staff were amazing. Her braces are now off, and we are not only happy with the results but proud that her smile is back! Thanks to you all.

-  Ronda N.

I have been very satisfied with the process and particularly the efficiency of the staff and time. It has been a very positive experience for my daughter and I appreciate the care for each and every visit.

-  Jolene C.

We’ve been very pleased with our daughter’s care. The staff has been very friendly and capable, and any emergencies have been quickly accommodated. Our two oldest children now have gorgeous straight smiles, and we’ll definitely be bringing our youngest to Dr. Sheffield as well.

-  Sarah S.

Thank you! Everyone deserves a beautiful smile. It inspires confidence and presence before a word is spoken. Our first child looks amazing and handsome, and now our second child, too. I will spend my life adoring theses two, handsome men and their beautiful smiles!

-  Darlene F.

We have completed Joseph’s second phase with Dr. Sheffield. We are thrilled with the results! Thank you to all the staff who have always been courteous, friendly & helpful. Thank you to Dr. Sheffield for the excellent care and attention to our son’s treatment.

-  Joseph D.

Dr. Rob + Staff were very gentle and kind. It was such a great orthodontic experience. We are very happy with our beautiful new smile. We never felt any pressure to proceed with treatment. The kids really love all the fun prizes and the feeling of fun & family!

-  Havana M.

Our experience has been wonderful here at Dr. Sheffield’s office. All the dental assistants have been extremely wonderful. Sarah has been especially instrumental in this experience for Cecilia. She has always answered all questions, and has demonstrated professionalism and extreme patience with both Cecilia and us. Dr. Sheffield has been very nice to work with, and Cecilia loves his personality. We would like to thank you all.

-  Letty S.

Both my daughters have gone through full orthodontic treatments and both have beautiful smiles. Thanks to the office staff for your organizational skills, setting our appointments to work with school and after school activities. Also making my girls feel comfortable and answering all our questions. Great experience overall and two beautiful smiles to show off.

-  Lynn F.

I had a good experience with my braces. Glad they are off. Some people don’t usually smile with their braces but I was proud and I still am.

-  Haley M.

The staff here are excellent! They always put the patient first and are really sweet. Thanks so much!

-  Amanda H.

My whole family has had braces, except Dad. My Mom trusts this office and so did my brother. Now I do, too. This was a great experience and has taught me what I need to do to keep my mouth healthy. Thank you Dr. Sheffield & staff!

-  Tyler F.

As far as braces go, this experience was much better than my first time when I was a child. The fact that I had to have them again is an indicative of how much they didn’t know 20 years ago. I am confident that this time will be the last time!

The staff are excellent and Dr. Sheffield’s observations and treatment were spot on! I now have a great smile that I have no doubt will last forever. Thank you all!!!

-  Lisa W.

Insignia Custom Braces

Welcome to the future of orthodontics- 3-D treatment design, custom braces and wires yielding precision results. Welcome to Insignia Smile Design. 

Dr. Sheffield is committed to doing what's BEST and SAFEST for our patients. He is the first orthodontist in East Contra Costa County certified to use cutting-edge Insignia treatment. 

What is Insignia?
  • Interactive Software and Custom Braces System
  • Uses 3-D Modeling Technology; allows doctor to design the perfect result before braces are placed on the teeth
  • Braces are Custom Designed Specific to Each Tooth

Why is Insignia better?
  • Significantly Shorter Treatment Time; on average, 6-12 months less than traditional braces!
  • Fewer Adjustment Appointments are Necessary; less missed work and school
  • Avoids Two-Phase Treatment
  • Less Risk of Decalcification; less time in braces all but eliminates the risk of decay during treatment

Can I afford these 'High-Tech' braces?
YES! We understand the financial stress created by the current economy and Sheffield Orthodontics has priced Insignia Custom Brace treatment comparative to traditional treatment. We offer payment options that make treatment affordable, even in these tough economic times. 

Welcome to the Sheffield Orthodontics Family! 

Customized Braces
Faster, More Comfortable Results

Call our office today to schedule a free consultation for Custom Braces. 
Antioch: 925.757.9100
Brentwood: 925.634.4446

The Insignia System offers sophisticated software for smile design that enables Dr. Sheffield to determine the end-result placement of each tooth via a 3D virtual model. The brace brackets and wires are custom milled to each Insignia patient based on Dr. Sheffield's treatment plan. Custom braces and wires result in typically faster treatment time with less visits.

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