Our Vision & Core Values

We believe in smiles that conquer the world

Where we are going…

We want to be the first choice for orthodontic treatment in East County and the surrounding communities recognized for extraordinary smiles and memorable service; delivered by a talented and positive team whose commitment to excellence and generous spirit makes us unique in our profession.

Why we exist…

To deliver the extraordinary smiles and orthodontic finishes our patients deserve; utilizing customized treatment plans and industry leading technology with surprising passion and efficiency in a comfortable atmosphere that is fun and memorable for both our patients and team. We will consistently care for our patients with uncompromising integrity and respect while always striving to make our service affordable.


As a team and individuals, we are committed to always improving. These core values are important to our practice and how we live our lives. We invite and challenge our patients to join us in making each day better for ourselves, our families, and the people and world around us. Can we inspire you?

  1. Create Great Memories
  2. Be Present
  3. Be a Source of Inspiration and Motivation
  4. Practice Honesty, Always
  5. Create a Positive Team
  6. Foster Respect and Appreciation
  7. Deliver Happiness
  8. Deliver/Expect Excellence
  9. Perpetual Learning
  10. Be Efficient and Energetic
  11. Celebrate Accomplishments
  12. Encourage Fun
  13. Make Great Things Happen
  14. Use Sound Judgment