Practice Rallies

We celebrate you, your family, and the community

We host two patient rallies every year and attend and sponsor local events. We encourage everybody to find your passion and pay it forward.

Our bowling party and water park are two special events our families look forward to every year. We invite you to bring your family and friends. We build relationships beyond braces and hope to make your journey a memorable experience.

As a group, we all make a difference in the community. At each event we RALLY with you to support local charities making a BIG impact in the community. We have collected non perishable foods and cleaning supplies for Shepherd's Gate Women's Shelter in Brentwood, brought items for the Food Pantry at Immaculate Heart of Mary, and most recently, asked our families to clean out their closets and bring gently worn winter coats or jackets that we then donated to HealthRIGHT360.

Your outpouring of support of the Sheffield Ortho Family is always incredible! Small gestures can indeed have big results.

Bowling Rally 2019



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Bowling Rally 2018


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Water Park Rally 2019

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Water Park Rally 2018


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