Insignia Custom Braces


Welcome to the future of orthodontics- 3-D treatment design, custom braces and wires yielding precision results. Welcome to Insignia Smile Design.

Dr. Sheffield is committed to doing what's BEST and SAFEST for our patients. He is the first orthodontist in East Contra Costa County certified to use cutting-edge Insignia treatment.

What is Insignia?

  • Interactive Software and Custom Braces System
  • Uses 3-D Modeling Technology; allows doctor to design the perfect result before braces are placed on the teeth
  • Braces are Custom Designed Specific to Each Tooth

Why is Insignia better?

  • Significantly Shorter Treatment Time; on average, 6-12 months less than traditional braces!
  • Fewer Adjustment Appointments are Necessary; less missed work and school
  • Avoids Two-Phase Treatment
  • Less Risk of Decalcification; less time in braces all but eliminates the risk of decay during treatment

Can I afford these 'High-Tech' braces?
YES! We understand the financial stress created by the current economy and Sheffield Orthodontics has priced Insignia Custom Brace treatment comparative to traditional treatment. We offer payment options that make treatment affordable, even in these tough economic times.

Welcome to the Sheffield Orthodontics Family!

Customized Braces
Faster, More Comfortable Results


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The Insignia System offers sophisticated software for smile design that enables Dr. Sheffield to determine the end-result placement of each tooth via a 3D virtual model. The brace brackets and wires are custom milled to each Insignia patient based on Dr. Sheffield's treatment plan. Custom braces and wires result in typically faster treatment time with less visits.